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Vested in Your Success We're Hiring. Hiring_Jr page RIGHT.qxp_Layout 1 5/21/20 11:33 AM Page 2 FASTER, MORE UNIFORM ROOTING In studies being conducted at Utah State University, graduate research assistant Mitch Westmoreland is looking for ways to improve medical hemp propagation using LEDs. According to Westmoreland, hemp, in general, has a high photosynthetic rate. "Hemp cuttings can maintain a relatively high photosynthetic rate under high light if they are kept well hydrated," he says. "We are working on rooting cuttings under LEDs at a higher intensity than most growers provide in greenhouse propagation. There is a lot of variability in rooting among hemp cultivars and even within a cultivar. We are looking to produce uniform, quick rooting cuttings using LEDs." Westmoreland is trialing four hemp cultivars. Cuttings were rooted in a greenhouse with and without LED supplemental light. Cornell University graduate student Jack Wellhofer is studying the effects of blue light on hemp cannabinoid levels. Photo courtesy of Jack Wellhofer, Cornell University Mitch Westmoreland, a graduate research assistant at Utah State University, has found supplemental light from LEDs can increase rooting of difficult to propagate hemp cuttings. Photo courtesy of Mitch Westmoreland, Utah State University Using supplemental light to root hemp cuttings has the potential to shorten propagation time by at least two days. Photo courtesy of Mitch Westmoreland, Utah State University PRODUCTION

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