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10 DECEMBER 2021 GPNMAG.COM We talk to classes and have tours of kids here at the nursery. Girl scout troop toured the greenhouses, and planted small annual pots to take home. Editor's Note: Each month, we send out a survey to our readers on a variety of topics and report the results here. Chat Room is a perfect venue to get to know your peers and where you stand on different issues affecting the industry. Do you have a question you want us to ask? Contact editor, Jasmina Dolce, at [email protected] Chat Room This month, we asked readers about houseplant production, youth-focused horticulture initiatives, using fungicides and the poinsettia season. Here's what they had to say. Do you grow/sell houseplants? Have you experienced any challenges with houseplant production? Keeping them in stock; sales are fast and increasing! PESTS! Houseplants really can store a lot of bugs. The sources for houseplants seemed to have issues in 2021. We had to dump a lot early in the season for a loss. Sourcing of quality reasonably priced plants. There is not a lot of supply available for smaller operations. Just keeping them cleaned and watered. YOU SAID: 10 DECEMBER 2021 GPNMAG.COM Turn to page 20 for more information about fungicides. Find information on kid-friendly horticulture programs on page 24. How many products are in your rotation program? YOU SAID: Christmas cactus Cyclamen Amaryllis Foliage and succulents Cut flowers Does your operation rotate fungicides as part of your disease management program? 70% SAID YES! 56% SAID YES! 56% 13% 30% Winter is here! Does your operation grow/sell poinsettias? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to using fungicides? Preparing the current quantity of the mix in order to have small leftover. Keeping the crop from any toxicity. Being able to rotate with a different FRAC code. Managing rotation to avoid resistance. Timely applications. Are you interested in participating in initiatives designed to engage children in gardening and horticulture? Have you taken part in any kid-friendly activities/events? Butterfly release is most popular. We created programs not only for remote learning but for in-school programs as well. Mother's Day potting. Learn more about houseplants on page 16. 57% SAID YES! 82% 77% 64% 73% Red White Marbled/ speckled Pink 40% SAID YES! What other winter/holiday crops do you grow/sell? more than five two to three products four to five products The top poinsettia colors you offer are:

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